Powered Mobile Workstations


Powered by the latest in Lithium-Ion battery technology, the mobile workstation gives users a longer battery and faster charging time to increase productivity and reduce downtime. 

Using powered mobile workstations from VisionID, your staff can perform tasks where needed without then having to return to a single internet access point or ethernet capable workstation. Fully integrated data input and capture systems are securely housed on portable workstations which can easily be moved around on sturdy castor wheels, with powerful swappable Lithium-Ion batteries lasting entire shifts. With the Mobile Workstation being fully wireless  allows operators to connect to back end systems on a choice of thin client, touch computer, laptop or full desktop PC with an option for single or dual screens for running multiple applications





Effortless adjustment from seated to standing operations


0-70% in 1 hour, 70%-100% in 2 hours


Cleanroom approved materials 


To protect against theft and unauthorised use


Delivered fully assembled 


Mechanical and electronic standard


Mechanical and electronic 








Due to its modular design, the Powered Mobile Workstation can grow and evolve with your business. There is a wide range of accessories which can be added at any time in the future meaning mobile workstations can be adapted as the needs of your business grow or change.

You can easily configure and download your own custom Mobile Workstation specification today.  The mobile workstation can be easily integrated into a company’s existing infrastructure in a number of verticals which include:

Warehouse and Distribution Mobile Workstations 

The warehouse mobile workstation provides a welcome change from the traditional box iron fixed workstation inside your dock door. It supports a full printing and scanning system and helps prevent shipping errors by making labelling possible at the point of application.

Retail Mobile Workstations 

The retail mobile workstation allows retailers to expand their pay stations to include mobile pop-up shop applications. Retailers can also use this model to reduce queues by using it as an additional pay point when the shop floor is busy.

General Manufacturing Mobile Workstations 

The general manufacturing mobile workstation solution can operate full screen applications with ERP, MES, or WMS applications with printing and data capture through scanning or RFID while on the move using standard equipment.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Mobile Workstations 

Our pharmaceutical mobile workstation can operate both single and twin screen applications with simultaneous EBR/MES and SOP displays. It can also facilitate on-demand data capture whilst on the move and this model is one of our ‘clean room’ solutions.

Medical Device Manufacturing Mobile Workstations 

Our medical device mobile workstation features a wireless solution capable of real-time communication on your choice of thin client, touch computer, laptop or full desktop computer of any size. Capable of displaying full size SAP and ERP applications, this mobile workstation is one of our ‘clean room’ solutions.

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