Non-Powered Mobile Workstations


A cost effective way to maximize productivity and mobility. The Non-Powered Mobile Workstations include Laptop Workstations, iPad and Tablet Workstations, Wall Mounts/HR Terminals and Table Top. Along with their ergonomic design and height adjustable features they reduce employee fatigue and discomfort.

Laptop workstation

Laptop Mobile Workstation

The low cost, height adjustable, laptop mobile workstation can be used anywhere you need mobility and is ideal across a number of industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail and warehousing. It can also be easily integrated into a company’s existing infrastructure.

Tablet workstation

iPad and Tablet Mobile Workstations

The iPad and tablet Mobile Workstation is nimble enough to go just about anywhere and flexible enough to hold any tablet on the market. Input data at the point of task using manual or automated data-capture.

Wall mounted HR terminal

Wall Mount / HR Terminal

The wall mount solution provides clients with a secure, stable and effective way to access vital information when needed. Easily used for multiple functions such as HR terminals and general data entry workstations.

Table Top Mobile Workstations

A low cost table top workstation used in a wide range of industries for activities such as performing operational training away from the office environment or inputting data at the point of task.

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